What is the CG/No Poo routine?

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I am a newbie what is the CG/No Poo routine? I am a 3b.

Thanks for your help.


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    Hi there! I'm far from expert in this, but I do know that "CG" stands for "Curly Girl" and is the title of a book by Lorraine Massey, owner of the Devacurl salon in NYC. The book is very empowering for women with curly hair and encourages curly heads to give up shampoo (or "poo", get it :wink: ) in order to retain moisture in their hair.

    A lot of us have MODIFIED the CG routine, to poo (or use shampoo or cleansers) 1 or 2X a week, and strictly use gentle shampoos that don't have drying sulfates in them, like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS).. At least that is what I do, and it helps my hair to stay moist.

    There is a whole board devoted to these issues called "Going Shampoo-less." Anyway, you are welcome to stay here, we need more curlies who proudly claim the 3b hair type :!: I proudly claim a mixed 3b/c hair type :D and seem to have gotten here early in the game... :P
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    curltopia nailed it. :wink:

    Welcome to the boards, hope you stick around!
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    Just to piggy back on that...I guess if you go NoPoo, you should eliminate all silicone based hair products as they are nearly impossible to remove with Nopoo type hair cleansing products. This is proving difficult for me... :cry:

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    the cg/no poo ruten is that you are not aloud to whash your hair whith shampo you us condishaner every morning well if some words are wrong im younger so srry.

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