What you don't like about your culture & what you like

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Talking about Middle Eastern countries in general:

I don't like:

People are racist. I don't want to give out examples because it's too racist. But, it could be something such as a stereotype that people of a certain country are unattractive, dirty..etc.

People focus on looks first. The car they drive, the purse they're carrying, the way their hair looks...etc. In some countries like Kuwait guys walking in the street will tell you to go to the hairdresser and fix your eyebrows if they have come out.

I also hate the cat-calls and staring guys do, but mostly in Kuwait. I have seriosuly not witnessed anything like it in any other Arab country. Even if you are absolutely hideous, as long as you are a female, males will flirt. Males, as in 8 year old or 80 yr olds. It doesn't matter. There is no age limit. It also doesn't matter if you are walking with your mother or father. Guys will still tell you you're hot in front of them. Even if you're not. Just as long as you're female.

I hate that people look very fake. I'm not saying I say no to make-up or palstic surgeries, because I certainly don't. But I just hate the totally fake made-up faces. I hate that everyone's lips are reaching their noses from the amount of collagen?silicone? and taht everyone has fake colored eyes, unbeleievably lots of eyemakeup...etc...all for something as simple as a mall.

I hate that a lot o people in the Middle East don't really end up being anything. If the Arab countries stopped exporting razors, all the men would either wax their faces or cut of the hair with a knife or something. Arabs haven't even been able to make razors. Which is also weird because I've heard that in countries such as Syria all products need to be Syrian? So I'm not sure how true that is.

I hate that in places where a lot of people are rich, such as in the Gulf counries, parents would give their kids everything and they'd grow up not being able to do anything, or wanting to do anything, because they're given everything. They will go to the best schools which their parents will pay for, but they'll fail. Yet, they will get great jobs (work with their parents) and become rich. Which is not bad but it's annoying because the kids will be sort of arrogant and not serious about anything they should be serious about when they're kids.

I also hate that people gossip alot and talk alot. Really a lot. Not everywhere, but in many places. It gets really annoying. People are afraid of doing something because "what will people say" instead of "what will God think." Which doesn't make any sense since they're supposedly religious.

What I like:

People usually respect their elders. Even if you're 20 and a 40 yr old woman or man is standing while you're sitting, you should get up for them. You shouldn't talk back to them...etc. Which is annoying at times, but nice (IMO) when you are able to do it.

I like that people are very involved with one another in that they will try to help even if they won't know you, and even if its something trivial. For example, I once was with my younger cousin (7-8 yr old?) who got mad at me and hit my arm. A man my father's age in the grocery stopped him and told him taht it's rude to hit his older sister. To me its a positive thing that people are involved with others and try to help even if they're strangers.

I like that hospitality is very important, and there is lots of stress on things such as never saying anything that will bother any person in your house, even if they scream/yell/talk down..etc on you. I've had times where I wanted to kill my aunts who were staying over at our house. They would start fights, talk down on my mom, start fights with her, tell my parents that my friends aren't good...etc. I really wanted to yell at her many tmes, and I have. But I would like to be able to do I am supposed to do (in my culture) which is be nice, be aptient, let them yell/scream, and not say anything as long as they are in my house.

Even though there are many racist stereotypes, people aren't very sensetive to these subjects. It's ok to ask people from where they are, why they dont look from a certain culture, what religion they are...etc, with no one getting offended. It is even considered friendly conversation.

Please share. What I said might not make sense to others (such as the last example I gave) but its what I like. I want to hear people's likes and dislikes, whatever they may be.


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    Regarding Persian culture, I love the food, the music, the fact that they celebrate and mourn with equal fervor. I hate that the most intelligent, committed, educated Persian woman is still considered less than a male, even a male who's done absolutely fark-all to better himself. Seriously, what the hell.
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    With the Puerto Rican Culture, I love the music, the food, the vibrant colors. As far as the colors go, you go into an older Puerto Rican persons house and you'll see all these colors. Yellow, pinks, baby blue. My apartment is totally like that. :laughing9: I also like the closeness of some families. It's like that village mentality. My aunt Zaida could come give me a talking to if she hears something I've supposedly done and I would be expected to give an explanation. I guess while It's one of the thing I like it also can be seen as one of the things I hate. Everyone knows your busniess and feels they have a right to vote on your life. Another thing I hate is the machismo, A woman could have 10x the amount of responsibility her husband does at work and yet at home she is expected to treat him like a king. There is also the mentality of daughters needing to learn how to cook, clean and take care of a family. While the son gets to go out and learn how to be a man. If that meant go out and work, it would be fine. But it means he is free to go and hang out with his friends while his sister has to wash his clothes and cook his dinner. I've heard someone I know say it. El hombre es de la calle, la mujer de la casa. Meaning the man is of the streets, while the woman is of the house. Which I think is total B.S.

    Obviously not all Puerto Ricans are the same but these are just things that bug me.
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    Italian-American culture here.
    I love: the food, the sense of family and tradition, having the most awesome mother country in the world with the most beautful art and men.

    Dislike: many of my brethren are walking sterotypes of stupidity, racism and sexism. What is with the tight clothes and high hair - and that accent. Yous is not a word.
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    I'm a WASP. There is no common culture to speak of.
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    I'm a WASP. There is no common culture to speak of.

    Same here.
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    Zombie thread.
    Kiva! Microfinance works.

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    I'm a WASP. There is no common culture to speak of.

    Wait...shouldn't that be WASA (Atheist?) ;-)

    I guess I'd have to say mine is Southern culture.


    --Chivalry isn't totally dead
    --Most people are pretty friendly, even in crowded, urban areas. There's more trust than distrust.
    --Neighborliness and hospitality, sense of community
    --Some of the accents and phrases are pretty entertaining


    --Too much pride in ignorance/distrust of intellectualism
    --Subtle and not-so-subtle racism persists
    --Distrust of those who aren't Christian
    --The hunting/fishing/sports culture
    --People let their dogs run around unneutered and don't seem to care that the puppies will end up in shelters
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    wavyblonde wrote: »
    I'm a WASP. There is no common culture to speak of.

    Wait...shouldn't that be WASA (Atheist?) ;-)

    Heh...yeah, but I didn't think anyone would know what WASA meant. ;)

    Actually, I think most WASPs are atheist anyway. There was very little emphasis placed on god in the presbyterian churches I attended in my youth.
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    I'm Franco-American.

    We have Chef Boyardee.
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    ^^^Why is it that you always make me laugh?:blob7:
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    I love Brazilian music of the 60s and early 70s. It was brilliant. Most Brazilian music these days seems rubbish to me. Hate the intellectual wasteland that is Brazilian television. It may very well be, of course, that our soap operas are the best in the world...but they're still soaps.

    Too much emphasis on looks, perhaps, but, on the other hand, you'll see women of all shapes and sizes, with celulite, even their 60s, wearing bikinis! I think it's great they feel comfortable in their own skin. Downside: finding a bikini I feel covered in.

    Love that people are open to different cultures and are friendly. Sometimes, though, if you are overly friendly with someone you just met, it can seem contrived to me. I think I have a "European" temperament (to a Brazilian, that means "cold"). It doesn't mean I'm indifferent or antisocial, but I need to feel comfortable around someone before I open up.

    Racism is more covered up here, for sure, to the point that some like to pretend it doesn't exist. But it does.

    Hate that corrupt politicians keep getting reelected. Love that many of them are finally getting the sentences they deserve thanks to our Supreme Court!

    Hate that there is so much inefficiency, procrastination and burocracy in the public sphere. And the low quality of services in the private sector. Also, if you ask for a any kind of handyman to come over to do a job, they never arrive at the time you settled. Sometimes they show up 2 or 3 days later and then are upset if you weren't at home to open the door for them.

    I really, really hate how the cost of living is so expensive. Even the most trivial imported good becomes a luxury item. If you ever encounter Brazilian tourists in the US, they are probably there to go on a shopping spree/frenzy more than to look at the sites.
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    I like Odoa de Roses soap from Brazil.
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    curlypearl wrote: »
    ^^^Why is it that you always make me laugh?:blob7:

    I'm silly?
    Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.

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