Filtering the bad words and obvious hypocrisy

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I debated about posting this, having been lurking and trying to determine if the changes being made are a positive thing, however one things completely mystifies me. Explain to me why it is ok for a questionable poster (at best) to intentionally use profanity in their sig line, without recourse, yet several other posters are constantly reminded of the 'rules'. NaturallyKinky is obviously an instigator. Whether she is an old poster trying to carve out a new persona, or a new poster who simply likes to push the envelope is irrelevant to me, however the hypocrisy around the decision here confuses me.

Not using profanity and/or trying to trick the censors has always been a rule, yet for this particular poster it is ok to go so far as to have (some sweeter members might find it even hostile) profanity in their sig line?

Please explain the hypocrisy here to me? I am certainly not offended, just confused, and perhaps even disappointed. Several members have had their names and sig lines questioned and have been 'warned', however this (what some say obvious) suspicious troll-like poster is completely exempt?


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    She was asked to change it. We give people x-amount of time to comply; if they don't, we take action.

    Thanks for your concern, and please know that while we don't post everything for the general population, we are working in the background to get everything cleaned up.

    Thanks also for your diligence in keeping us posted on violations. An email to [email protected] is generally an even more effective way of helping us keep track of things.

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    Gretchen- I see you mentioned that we should e-mail [email protected] if we're having problems with a thread. Is this a new e-mail address to contact, because I haven't heard it mentioned before. If I haven't, then surely others haven't too. You might get a better response from using it (i.e.- people will e-mail you rather than post if they have a problem) if you make this address known.

    Just wanted to say this,

    Jess icon_biggrin.gif

    Edited because I can't type!! icon_rolleyes.gif

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    ok gretchen- it's a good idea to have just one e-mail address for that sort of thing. icon_smile.gif
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    Yes, it's new. We'll get it posted soon, but it's usable.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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