Painting Curly Hair I'm getting back into painting (my passion) and the little time I spent in art school showed me how to draw my portrait. I always drew myself with straight hair because drawing/painting curly hair can be challenging. Now that I'm a proud CurlyGirl I wanna draw/paint other CurlyGirls and maybe even a self-portrait. I was even told by teachers in school that curly hair can be difficult to draw.

So my question is do we have any other artists who have had experience with rendering curly hair...if so...any tips?
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Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.