should i go back to this stylist?

i'm due for a haircut, and i'm wondering if i should go back to the stylist who cut my hair last. it seemed she overbooked, bc she was still working on another client when i arrived, and left me waiting in the chair a bunch of times while she went to work on the other client. she was supposed to give me a curly hair "tutorial" but because she was dealing with the other person, her assistant gave me a rushed version of it (although nothing was new - all stuff i'd read about on NC). and she cut my hair way too short (even though i asked her not to) and gave me these short layers (even though i told her that the shorter the layer, the more straight/wavy it became).

BUT her cutting technique was the best i've ever experienced. aside from the short layers, my curls are the most spirally and bouncy that they've ever been. even without gel, they curl like no tomorrow (and they've NEVER done that before!)

so i'm not sure what to do... she really didn't listen to me, and my experience at her salon wasn't really good at all (and on principle's sake i feel i shouldn't go back) but i can't deny that my hair looks great!

what would you do?


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    I would do a salon search on for stylists in your area, then call and schedule a consultation. I would be very clear about what I want and what I don't want, but also open minded to what the stylist might suggest (we are paying them for their expertise). i.e. I agreed to a carve and slice styling technique last time I got my hair cut, it works for me - got rid of the "shelf" layers I had in the back.

    You are the client, you should ultimately be 100% satisified, if you're not, there's always someone else out there.

    Where do you live, perhaps someone on this board can give you a recommend. HTH.
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    i actually got her contact from the NC salon list! she had raves here, but i dunno, maybe an earlier appointment with her would be better...
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    That's a bummer. I would weigh how much you like the cut vs. how it makes you feel sitting around waiting for her. Ask her what's the best to make an appt. she prob overbooks (or back2backs) and is that way all the time. I would put up with a lot to get a great cut...
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    You know what? I would call and ask to talk to her, and just be honest. Tell her you loved her technique but you felt like she ignored you and didn't listen. Ask her to not double book when you come in. Communication always helps!
    Maybe she was just having a really bad day?
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    My stylist was working on someone else when I arrived and I had to wait too. She also worked on someone while I was under the dryer, but that's normal. I didn't get upset because I understand a devacut can take a while and she needed time to analyze the cut and fine tune it after styling.

    If you really loved the cut (albeit short) then I would call her and make sure you get booked at a good time when she's not too busy to give you the time you deserve. :) Maybe she was just having a bad day, and/or the person before you may have come in late for their appt.

    What area are you in?
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    If I loved the way she cut my hair, I would deal with the wait. Some places are just like that and/or some stylists are just like that. Yes, it's nice when you have an appointment and they are on time with no running around in between, but I think I'd prefer someone who was busier and cut the way I liked than someone who devoted their time to me but didn't cut as well. I have such a phobe of people who don't cut my hair right that I have a hard time trying anyone new. lol...

    What time did you go? Maybe it will be better if you go at a different day/time if at all possible.
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