Waves and Bangs?

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I have a pretty big forehead in ratio to my face, and I was considering a side fringe - or side bangs I think Americans phrase it as. My hair is about 2B and was wondering if it would work or not?


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    Yes, it would most definitely work. There's quite a few of us who have bangs (both in front and side). I'm trying to learn to like my face without bangs but it usually doesn't last for long and I'm back to bangs before too long.

    Right now, the curly that came to mind with a great bangs look is Ab-star. Look her up and take a peek at her pics.
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    Go for it!

    I couldn't ever see myself without bangs. Sometimes I wear them to the side, sometimes middle, at times wavy or straight. Depends on my mood and what the rest of my hair is doing that day. :confused2:

    You can just play around and see what works for you, but I don't think you'd regret getting bangs.

    Good luck! :flower:
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    I've always had bangs and they work great with curly hair.
    It just might take you a while to figure out the best method for you.

    When mine were shorter, I clipped them and kept them out of my plop.
    This way the came out basically straight.
    Now my bangs are longer and side swept so I treat them just like the rest of my hair.
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