Question about hair typing

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and hopefully it's not stupid or been discussed to death!! :goofy:

I've been perusing the forums, read CG by Massey, checked out Fia's typing methods and looked at lots of pictures. My question is when you are determining your hair type should you start with wet hair, no prduct, maybe just CO, and let it dry naturally with no scrunching, plopping etc. ??

Prior to going CG, I was straightening it. Since I've gone CG I've been messing around with my hair so much I don't think I know exactly what my hair type is naturally, only what I can "make it do" with products/routines, etc.

I'd love some feedback! Thanks!! :colors:
3A (I think)

Loving my curls after all these years -- but still trying to figure out what works for me...