Okay, for those of you who have read the CG book by Lorraine Massey, how often do you co-wash? On the other days do you just rinse or lightly scrub your scalp with water? Also what is meant by the "acid mantle"? And how long approx. does it take for the oils from your scalp to reach your ends, say if your hair is longer than shoulder blade length in the back?


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    the only question I can answer is that I co wash about every other day. on other days, I just rinse and condition.
    3b-3c CG
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    I don't really have a schedule. I just do it when I get stuff built up on my scalp or itchy.

    As far how long it takes for oils to work down. I'm not the person to ask, my scalp produces very little oil. I never get greasy hair. I gave WO a try for a while, and it was like a month before I noticed any oil build up.
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    See mine never gets oily. I was just curious. Thanks so much!
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    I never get oily either. I could probably go for months and still not have a greasy scalp (though it would probably be full of hair gunk and dirt :laughing9: ).

    I actually wish my scalp would produce more oil; sebum is the ultimate moisturizer, and my hair is even drier than my scalp. I usually co-wash 2-3 times a week in the summer, and around every 5 days in the winter. I clarify monthly.

    The acid mantle is like a thin barrier on the skin surface that keeps out most microbes, toxins, etc.