So I braved the salon...

So I braved the salon and got a hair cut! I loathe having my hair cut after some horrible short layered cuts I had when I was about 13 (the worst time, the stylist didn't even see my hair before it was washed!).

I knew it had to be done, there was too much length dragging out the curl. I asked for just a trim and some long layers round the bottom, and she took off 3 inches and gave me a lot more layering than I've had before (apart from the aforementioned teen hair nightmare).

The thing that has really surprised me is the ringlets at the back, freed from the canopy the hair underneath has turned out a lot more curly! I started a hair blog, so I can keep track of my hair journey with pics to compare different products etc, so if you want to see a pic it is at /home/leaving?" class="Popup . If you click on "experimenting with products" you can see what it was like before.

I'm still feeling a bit "yikes!" but I think I quite like it. All my friends have been wowing over it so that helps!


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    Your hair is very pretty, so healthy looking!!

    Look forward to following your blog!
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    Your hair is gorgeous!!!! I'm so jealous of the length!!!!! I'm glad u had a great hair cut!

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    It looks fantastic!!!
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    Thanks, that helps! I'm still not sure about it but it is easier to wash and style than before. And it feels so nice and healthy. And I can sleep without tying it back which I hope will help the curl.

    My mum had nothing but negatives to say about it yesterday (what's new) so thatnks for the compliments here!
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    You have gorgeous hair! :happy2: Congrats on the successful cut!
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    Your curls are lovely! I love the color too. :) I'm glad you got a good haircut, it's so hard to find a good stylist.
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