is it bad to no poo every other day?

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So i'm not positive I have 3a hair, but it's the closest thing i can figure. My hair is about shoulder length. It is wavy and poofy when it's being bad and ringlets to corckscrews at the bottom when it's being good. It is pretty fine medium t hickness.

I've been doing cg for about 3 weeks I took the advice of a post on this site and did the carlos method the fist week i did co wash every day. the second week every other, and now my third week i'm trying every 2 days. that's where the problem is!

I feel like my hair looks the best the days i co wash with no poo. the other days i wet it, massage scalp and style. but it is frizzier, dirtier feeling and in general more out of control.

Is this b/c it's only my 3rd week or is this normal for our hair type? Would it be bad to no poo every other day or even every day?
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    There is no one routine that works for everyone. I cannot condition wash every day, or even every other day. My hair gets too overconditioned. Some people condition every day no problem. I can poo once a week, other people poo and their hair is a disaster. I think you just need to experiment and determine what works best for you. When you say your hair is out of control on days you don't poo, what do you mean? Does it feel dry? Is it really soft? Is it limp? Does it feel like there is buildup? Adjustments should be made depending on your answers to these questions.
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    Hi I posted the routine that Carlos at Devachan gave me which says for the first week poo every day, second week every 2 days etc.......... I also found that my hair looked better after using no poo, but I didn't want to use it too often so sometimes I do an ACV rinse or the Lemon Aid recipe. So now I No Poo about 2 times per week, and ACV rinse once. This helped me. Let me know how it turns out!
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    I think No-Poo is a bit cleansing for my hair. I really like it. I did an experiment with it once, using only it and no condish. I know it's not too emollient for me as a conditioner wash, because my hair became dry and bristly after some time. Also, it brought my hair back from being overconditioned once, like an ACV would - same results.

    I need more cleansing, my hair isn't that dry. I get overconditioned easily.

    Therefore, I use No-Poo on my hair and scalp probably quite often. I sort of rotate, No-Poo, just a scalp massage and rinse, No-Poo again, etc. Once a week or so I use shampoo. So it winds up that I'm using No-Poo a few times a week. As I said, I love it. My scalp and hair respond beautifully to it.

    If it works for you/your hair, keep doin' it!


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