PlEASE help me with wedding hair?

Next Saturday (10-6) I will be in a very large wedding (10 bridesmaids!!! 600 people expected to attend!) My dress is very simple- see it here:

Anyhoo....I think my hair is looking really great these days. Nice formed 2b/3a curls a lil past my shoulders. Some days it does very well but some days it falls flat. Last night we went on the bachelorette party and the bride said she does not care about hair and she said I should wear it down. But it has a tendency to frizz really bad. I just don't know.

I'm thinking of updoing it so I don't have to deal with it. But I don't want anything too elaborate.

Thoughts? Opinions? What kind of updo could I possibly do myself? I'd post a pic but I don't have a camera that works right now. I do have bangs but they are long, sideswept. My hair looks pretty lightly pulled back with a few curls around my face...but again, I feel kind of like my hair would be too "natural." A couple of months ago my husband made a disparaging comment about my curls (I don't think he likes my hair in its natural state) so I've been self conscious ever since (but not enough to start straightening it again. But I do't want to look all frizzy or have product-y hair on that day.

thanks girls!

P.S. this will be a VERY long wedding and reception. There will be a long aisle walk plus a long presentation at the reception. So I need my hair to hold up, regardless of what I do.
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