But I don't want a baby shower!

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A friend of mine wants to throw me a baby shower in January. This is my second child, and I kept most of the stuff from my first, so don't really need much. Most of the people I would invite to something like this are friends who came to my first shower. Granted, that was 7 years ago, but still, I don't want them to feel like they have to come and bring a(nother) gift.

I thought about putting on the invitations that I don't want gifts, or they could bring gifts that I would later donate to the local women's shelter, but I thought that might be tacky. Then again, I've also heard it's a bit tacky to have a shower for baby #2 and subsequent.

Unfortunately, my friend doesn't think the way I do, and is already all excited about doing this. By the way, she sort of told me she was throwing me one. She never really asked, and when I mentioned that I don't really need one, she basically didn't hear that and is already working on the guest list.

I'm getting rather hormonal and am looking for a nice way to get out of this before I lose my cool and tell her to leave me alone. Any advice?
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    if you don't want the shower be firm about it. If its just hormones talking... Let someone do something nice for you..
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    just tell her.

    or hope that people give you gift reciepts!
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    I had a diaper shower for my 2nd baby, everyone brought diapers, it really helped out alot, maybe you could do something like that since, you don't want any gifts. Just a thought.
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    I guess I'm different from everyone. I don't think second baby showers are that big of a deal when the babies are 6 or 7 years apart. If someone had babies 15 months apart....a shower would be kind of weird. Most friends or family that I feel close too would get a gift no matter how far apart their babies were.

    I second curli's advice. :D
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    If you don't want one, tell her you do not want a shower. If you are OK with a non-shower party tell her that you appreciate what she wants to do for you and that she can throw you a little party where gifts are not expected but not a shower.
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    I second curli's advice. :D


    My daughter'll be 9 in less than 6 months. Please believe that if I EVER get pregnant again, I want a shower lol.. I want people to fawn & fuss over me..
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    I don't think it's tacky at all. It's not like your 1st child is 1 or 2 years old! Plus, the people who come, obviously want to give you a gift. I wouldn't be concerned. Enjoy this time and the attention! I think the "bottoms only" suggestion is good too. I'm sure you can't have too many diapers. You can always exchange them for different sizes too.

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