Thinking about growing out my layers - should I?

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My hair is fine and thin, mostly wavy with some spiral-ish curls underneath if I use the right products and techniques. Right now it's about an inch below my shoulders, with the shortest layer starting about 4 inches above the longest layer. It's been ages since I've had my hair all one length, and I'm curious what it would do if I let it grow out, but I also don't want to get the Christmas tree look. I also don't want to spend the time growing it out if it's just going to look stupid.

The thing is that I have an appointment with my stylist on October 11, and if I decide to grow it out, I'll want to cancel the appointment. I don't want to pay $65 for her to just trim the ends. I think I can do that myself.

So what do you think? Have any of you other fine-haired wavies had success with your hair all one length? Does your hair curl more or less if it's longer? Does it curl more or less without layers?

Any suggestions on how to cut it myself?

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    I have been self triming for about 6 months now (I grows FAST) and I have found that now I NEED a professional trim. I can just tell a difference between doing it myself and having someone else do it. I am all for the odd self trim, just remember to cut SMALL amounts of hair at a time and know it isn't the same as getting it done at a salon.