no allergies, no lice, no dandruff---itchy scalp!!

I have been CG for about 3 years, been using the same products (suave coconut, [buylink=]deva one c[/buylink], and CK) consistently for one year, have had my entire family of doctors repeatedly check me for lice and nits and have no allergies whatsoever and never had any dermatological problems.

For the last month my head has been so itchy and it feels as if there are breakouts on my scalp.

Is it totally going to make things worse if I use something like Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp?

I used Kelate shampoo when it first started just in case, all of a sudden, CG wasn't keeping my head clean but that didn't help.

I also switched off One C to Kenra for 3 days just in case I developed a contact allergy but that didn't help either.

I'm stumped!
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  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    I would try rubbing tea tree oil on my scalp
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    I would try Nizoral shampoo before Head and Shoulders. I think it is gentler (still shampoo) and more effective. One treatment usually settles anything down. It used to be prescription only but you can buy the 1% over the counter.

    CK has always made me itchy. It might be worth trying a product free day just to see if it is the styling products vs. cond.
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    I'd consider the possibility you're reacting to one of the products you're using. When I had an itchy spotty head it turned out to be dermatis caused by some mousse I was using. So itchy!! You could start reacting to a product which you used to be okay with, my scalp seems to have become progressively more sensitive over the last few years, products I was fine with before, I now can't use. It might take more than 3 days to settle after stopping using the product.

    I hope you find an answer soon.
  • kamagukamagu Posts: 165Registered Users
    ^^^agreed...sometimes allergies/product sensitivity just develop...have you tried a brown sugar scrub? I find sometimes that helps w/the itchies...the tree tea oil suggestion may work too...good luck!
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  • mrfhnlmrfhnl Posts: 276Registered Users
    Thanks all. I tried H&S Dry scalp and two days later used Nizoral and it's way better. I layed off the One C and am using Kendra for now. Can't figure out what happened---it seems odd that I'd be allergic to One C but also odd that after 3 years, my head was just not clean from being CG. Who knows, maybe I'll have to shampoo once every few months.
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