Suggestions for a "hoverer" between 2 and 3 type h

My hair was frizzy all my life. It had always been (the way of "normality) shampooed and conditioned. It had always been blown dry straight (-ish, anyway). It is quite coarse and thick. It seems to be two heads in one, what with half of the actual hairs seeming "normal', and the other half strangely flat and twisted up like cork screws. I have been following curly girl routine for over a year now. My hair has not been shampooed or brushed for over a year. The curls hiding in my head have had a coming out party and I am loving it. Here is the question. What do you guys recommend as the best conditioner and best gel for my hair? Keep in mind I have two kiddos, and the product must be thrifty! Also, does anyone recommend any particular routines for this hair type? It seems to be a coin toss as to what my hair is going to look like each day... so frustrating. Please advise!


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    Could you possibly post a pic of what your hair looks like so we can get a better idea of your hair type? This would make it easier to help you out. I couldn't really see any on your web page unless I'm just blind & missing it, which is quite possible. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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    'K, I will get some up on there...
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    Also what is your current routine? That would help as well.
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