Has anyone been to "Antonio's" in Livingston?

I've read about them on the website and i've been calling them but nobody ever answers and there is no answering system.

Are they an upcoming salon? Could anyone tell me about them if they've been there?! I'm looking for a salon in NJ.

Thanks so much!


  • Kladi4Kladi4 Registered Users Posts: 24
    Livingston, NJ... sorry
  • BBBB Registered Users Posts: 475
    I went a few year's ago and the owner cut my hair. VERY expensive, the cut was ok and I didn't like the spa's attitude.
    Much happier with Eric at Laboratory Hair Studio in Morristown.
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  • Kladi4Kladi4 Registered Users Posts: 24
    Thank you... I can't believe they never answer the telephone.

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