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TrishkinsTrishkins Registered Users Posts: 4 Curl Neophyte
Within the Tools Section...

Is it possible to have a section entitled "New" where newly reviewed products could be placed for a specified period of time? This way we can all easily keep up to date on the products you have reviewed. Could you specify how many times or how long you used the reviewed product? I'm not sure if you use a product just once or for longer before you post a review. Could you specify whether or not it has proteins and cones (and possibly specify whether water soluble or not)? These ingredients seem to be a concern of many curlies...some specifcally want one or both and some not.

Hair Type: 3B (I think)


  • kinkykhickkinkykhick Registered Users Posts: 16
    Great ideas!! I second that motion.

    I can never tell if new products have been reviewed without going through the entire alphabet and that takes quite a while icon_eek.gif
    hair type: 4a/b thick (density), fine-medium (strand diameter), soft (texture), (length) 10-12 inches, shrinkage 60-80%, (curl size) pen spring to pencil size, overly porous

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