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I have type 3A/3B hair. I'm looking for a way to do the whole "sexy-wavy-bedhead" type of hair-style, but I'm unsure how to go about it. If I straighten my hair and then try to curl it, I barely get any type of curl and if I do, it falls flat, in addition to it taking FOREVER to do. If I put in some sort of curl-enhancing mouse and then use a curling iron, I end up with tight, Shirley Temple-like curls. Anyone have any products and/or styling tips on how to achieve this look? Thanks and I appreciate any feedback! :)
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    If I use products that are very moisturizing or have oil in them, like Jessicurl, and comb through before diffusing, I get looser, wavier hair. If you're still too curly, maybe you could gently tug on the ends while diffusing or put clips on the end to pull out the curl while drying.

    I'm sure that wasn't much help.
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    Could you put it in several braids with product in? And let it dry, then take the braids out, and you will have waves.