Trying to grow hair out

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Needing some tips! I did the 'big chop' almost two years ago and it was the worst mistake of my life. Right now, hair is past shoulders when wet and just above shoulders when dry. I want to get it to elbow when dry. (Or longer!) Anyone seen maddison Pettis from the game plan? Well she has the most beautiful mixed curls i've seen. I want my hair about that long. (Or longer!) So any suggestions? Is there something I could be using, or should I just let it grow..
Too curly for you!

I'm a 3a/3b
Dark dark dark dark black hair
Just below shoulders and growing it out!!


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    She is such a beautiful child! For me, I did a big chop off my senior year of high school into a not quite chin length bob. That was the worst mistake I ever made. I was also straightening it, and it was HUGE! I started wearing it naturally more often and not blow drying and saw a huge difference not only in the condition of my hair, but also in how fast it grew. I started taking prenatal vitamins a couple of years ago in place of the multivitamin I was taking. I would recommend using those, keeping split and dead ends trimmed and just letting your hair do it's natural thing. That way it will grow in healthy and long.