Musicians...HELP! (Fuzzbucket and Amneris esp!!)

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Okay. Had a first rehearsal last night for a new production of Jeckyll and Hyde. The pit is a teeny room with a teeny opening near the top. But it's close quarters and gets MIGHTY loud in there. Not loud to shake my insides, but loud enough where it's loud to my ears. No real amplification stuff, so none of that electric-y loudness, just general loudness.

I felt the baby all throughout rehearsal and afterwards, but I was just wondering if you were cautioned to stop playing/performing in real loud situations.

(It's not loud the entire 3 hour show either - just a few really honkin' numbers.)

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    Don't worry! The baby will be fine, from everything I've been told. I played a show at around the same time during my pregnancy and the hardest part was getting through it with minimal pee breaks. My baby would thump along during both quiet and loud sections at times, but mostly took things in stride. Now, at 10+ weeks, he is not bothered by noise in the slightest.

    Don't forget to wear earplugs for yourself! I wrote it in my part so I wouldn't forget when it was coming. We had the brass right behind us for all the rehearsals, but they moved them for the shows, thank goodness!
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    I worked right through till about 8 months pregnant and everything seems to be fine with my boy. I have heard that the sound in the uterus is very muffled and sounds like it would under water, so the baby is not bothered.

    I think it will be great for your baby! My boy loves music and is very calmed by it, and he seems to respond well to the shows I did while I was pregnant. I know other singers who worked through pregnancy and say the same about their older kids. And like fuzzbucket's baby, noise doesn't bother him at all and he will sleep anywhere.
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    Thanks guys!! Just wanted to make sure! Of course I'd rather a more....soothing subject matter of a show than Jeckyll and Hyde, but hey...could be worse...could be Sweeney Todd! ;)
    3b (I think!)
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