Arggggggg !!! Whats going on????

Ok, I've been fascinated by the idea of going shampooless since finding this frum so on sunday I shampooed using a "normal" shampoo. Since then I have co washed but with conditioner with "cones" so yesterday I went and bough some CG friendly shampoo, conditioner and styling products. I'd normally use Frizz-eze mousse and Toni and Guy serum to tame any frizz. It would give me a look I was happy with, the curls were tight so it shortened the length of my hair but over all the curls looked soft and healthy.

That was before yesterday

I washed with the CG friendly shampoo to remove all the bad stuff I'd been using, conditioned, blotted as normal and then used my new Boots Curl Cream. I diffused as normal and the look wasn't too bad. The curls were thinner and frizzy but I hadn't lost as much length.

Today though is a disaster !!!

I got up, washed with a light conditioner and followed with a different one. Blotted as usual, used the boots cream and my hair is awful. The crls aren't falling right, they are super thin and the frizz is really bad. Some parts have no definition at all, it just looks a mass of frizz. Is there anything like my serum I can get to tame it? Or am I expecting miracles as soon as I give up the "cones" I know they are supposed to be really bad but I don't think can lve with this frizz.

What am I doing wrong. I soaked my hair three times this morning before it looked even alfway acceptable. I even said to my husband I'd straighten it bt the end of the day

Please help :(


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    CG is not a miracle cure (and it doesn't always work for eveyone), you have to give it a try more than a week to work. Are you blotting with a regular terry cloth towel? Try using a t shirt. Also you should try plopping, seen here

    Did you use a gel over the Boots curl cream? The Boots is too light to use as a styler IMO on thick hair. You might need a gel for hold. Also you could try a leave in conditioner.
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    I don't think the curl cream is enough as I do have very thick coarse hair. I blot with a normal terry towel, yes. Is that the problem?

    I've just noticed that shockwaves gel seems to be ok for CG so may give that a try. Do you think I should just leave it as is for today, or give it yet another soaking ad pile more product on. My hair does feel nice though
  • siren1974siren1974 Registered Users Posts: 11
    Thanksfor the tip about the gel, I've given my hair another soaking and did the boots cream, shockwaves gel combo and also had my first go at plopping.

    The result???

    Well, I'm not sure what o think to be honest. The curl is very different from my first pic, more corkscrew curls now and I've lost a bit of the root lift at the crown. Although if I can get tha back, I'd be very very happy.

    Think I'll keep at it, practise makes perfect afterall
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    If I read your first post correctly, you washed with a normal shampoo, used a conditioner that contained cones, then went out and bought a cg friendly shampoo and conditioner, which you then used.
    - If that's what you did, then one of your problems is probably product buildup. See, CG shampoos will not remove the silicones that you put in your hair. You're going to have to wash with a normal shampoo once or twice to make sure all the silicones are out of your hair.
    - Don't forget that your hair is a biological system- it needs time to adjust to new levels of products, etc
    - It would probably be beneficial to do a deep treatment or two to help get your hair on the right path
    - while I won't say ALL gels are CG, in my experience most of them are, and I would definitely recommend using one.
    - I would try scrunching both the boots curl creme and gel in. For help on scrunching, plopping, blowdrying and the like, check out Jessicurl's website, and click on Demo Vids- she uses her products, but she shows you good methods of application.
    - a terrycloth towel will cause frizz- try an old t-shirt (one of those really nice soft ones) or a microfiber towel- you can get those fairly cheap in the auto sections of drugstores.
    - getting the routine right with plopping can be hard- for example, i plop right after i apply product, but then only do it for about 20 minutes or so because otherwise i get frizz.


    P.S. If we knew your hair type, we could all probably help you a bit more.
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    Ooooops, sorry...

    I think I'm a 3a or maybe 3b.

    This is me with the normal shampoo and covered with cones
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    your hair is so cute!

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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    mailgirl wrote:
    your hair is so cute!

    It is!
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    How did you find shockwaves? I've been using it for a while and i find it quite sticky and it really weighs my hair down on the top....then again I still haven't gotton the hang of this whole pinning it up on top buisness to get more volume...oh dear... :wink:
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    siren1974 wrote:
    Ooooops, sorry...

    I think I'm a 3a or maybe 3b.

    This is me with the normal shampoo and covered with cones

    I really like your cone-covered hair.

    I don't have much luck with Boots by itself.
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    Also wondering how you find the shockwaves gel?!
    your hair is so cute!
    uk curly - 3a :toothy7:

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