How damage has your hair ever been?

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How damage has your hair been? What happened and what did you do to get it back? Were you able to get it back to where it was before??


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    LKahmil wrote:
    How damage has your hair been? What happened and what did you do to get it back? Were you able to get it back to where it was before??

    After I had spent 8 years being natural I had gotten a perm and then my hair took a turn for the worst, with patches of broken chunks in the middle of my hair(that looked like they'd been cut) and split ends. My stylists said my hair wasn't growing, but I beleive I was actually allergic to the chemicals.
    So the only way I got my hair back in good shape was getting 4 Consecutive sew-ins. (jan-oct)
    I let my hair rest for about 2 weeks, got my ends clipped in btween sew ins.

    damaged hair has to be cut away. I personally couldn't do the bc so I protected my hair and trimmed gradually.
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    The last relaxer I got (Nov 06), my hair broke off from the nape of my neck almost to my ears!!!! The back looked like I shaved it but I didn't. :dontknow: It was just badly broken. Needless to say, that was my very last relaxer. Check my fotki for the proof under 'damaged hair'.
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    My mom used to do my hair all the way up until she started taking me to a hairdresser to relax it when I was in middle school. At that point, I would only have my hair washed when I went to the salon every two weeks. :::shudder:::

    Anyway, one year I was going to go on a cruise for my friend's birthday. I knew my hair would come into contact with pool water and salt water, so I would need to wash it. I had not washed my hair myself in years! I remember trying to figure out which products to get. I picked Herbal Essences because that was the time they had those commercials ("I've got the urge." "Where are those boys?"). I remember showing my mom a bottle of leave-in conditioner and asking her if that would work. :help: She said yes. Oh, I cringe thinking about it. I did not get a real conditioner! So on the cruise when it is time to wash my hair, I shampooed, but did not condition! I commenced blow-drying my hair and frantically wondering why my hair was so frizzy. To try to make my hair look better, I flat ironed it! All of this on dry, unconditioned hair! On top of that, I might have even slathered Pink Lotion on top of it to "moisturize" it if I was in my Pink Lotion-using days. :confused1:

    My hair has never looked so bad. I cannot believe I did not use conditioner! Thankfully, that was the worse I ever treated my hair. When I was in college, to cut costs I decided to only go to the hair dresser when it was time to relax. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It caused me to actively seek information on proper hair care (Conditioner washes!). I learned how to care for my hair and that is when I first got the inkling that it was possible to go natural.
    Last relaxer: 8/23/06
    BC: 10/24/07

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