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I am 18, african american and american indian, and i have just come to this site. After years of relaxing my hair ive decided to wear it naturally curly. Its shoulder length, and i love it! My only problem is in finding the right products to tame my frizz, and to give me enough moisture. The products i use now (ie john frieda's frizz ease, and right on curl, and anything else i can get my hands on..) are just making my hair greasy, oily, and weighed down. I dont want to go back to relaxing, and im tired of wearing my hair only in a bun, but i dont like the 'jerri curl' feel that the products ive been using give me. Does anyone have any suggestions on products that wont cost me an arm and a leg, but will tame my frizz, and moisturize my hair helping it to grow even longer?


God Bless!! LaShunda :)


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    Hi LaShunda, and welcome to the site! :)

    You emailed me ealier. I just sent a response, so check your mail.

    Just to be clear, are you all natural now, or are you still transitioning? If you're still transitioning, then the styling product I recommended may not work for you.

    The products you're using will probably not help in minimizing frizz. The frizz ease has cones(silicones) that can sometimes cause the hair to become frizzier. Also, I used that product moreso when relaxed, so if you're using that while natural, it may not be able to give you the results you're looking for.

    And the right on curl.......girl you took me to back in the day. :lol: The ingredients don't look too bad, but the Hydrolyzed Animal Protein could be contributing to your frizz. Some curlies experience frizz with leaving proteins in their hair. I personally don't have problems with cones or proteins, but many curlies do. Also, the glycerin could be making your hair greasy. If it's applied too heavily, you hair can look and feel greasy. But when used correctly, it can elongate the curls.

    I sent a suggestion, but you may be able to get more hits if you post this on the "3c information" thread. I also recommend that you read through that thread. I know it's alot of pages, but you can find some valuable tips there.

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    I am all natural and glycerin makes my hair too greasy even in small amounts. The products my hair is truly loving right now are Elasta QP Mango Butter, ORS Hair Mayonnaise and ORS Carrot Oil. My hair does ok with leaving protein in but like shygirl said, some curlies can't do it. It's sort of a trial and error type thing and eventually you get the hang of it. My hair changes constantly so my routine is constantly changing too.
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