A funny story

Something funny happened today, I used my jessicurl products, my HCC [buylink=]too shea[/buylink], [buylink=]aloeba[/buylink] leavin, RR & [buylink=]CCSS[/buylink]. anyway I did not use any perfume today b/c my allergies had been bothering me. So i was free and clear i had just put a sample of a moisturizer cream on my hand.. So I was in the jewerely store today and the guy in there starts asking me are you wearing anything like an oil or something, so I am like no I didn't put anything on today , so he keeps asking and I am like nooo maybe its the moisturizer i had tried on , so he smells it and no its not that, so then he is like maybe its ur hair so I let him smell my hair. WELL he went freaking nuts he was omg that smells like my girlfriend from college and its bringing back all these memories... He was like freaking out.. So I told him it was Island fantasy.. I guess this girl really did something to him LOL I thought it was a cute story.. :love1: He was just going NUTZ so I was like maybe you should buy it 4 ur wife... lol


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    It's amazing the memories a scent can bring back. A guy I used to work with (and had a crush on) always wore this one cologne. I've been happily married for years, but if I catch a whiff of that cologne, it still makes me think of him.
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    My DH ate at a new restaurant last night and the waiter wore the same cologne as my ex-husband. I wanted to throw up!!!

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