I think I really need therapy...

D_MarieD_Marie Registered Users Posts: 150
Ok...this PJ thing is really serious!!! I don't even know how much I've spent this week alone. I'm already a shopaholic and now this has been added! :hmph:

Off topic, but has anyone tried the healthy sexy hair line? Lol... I read in another post that it's CG and they have a pumpkin/ginger scent? If it smells good I think that that would be hot for the fall. Curious to see how it would behave on 3c/4a hair.

I have a problem...smh
Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo
Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner
Mielle Organics Protein Conditioner
Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter (moisturizer)
The Main Choice 3 in 1
True by Made Beautiful leave in and hair butter
Sweet almond oil
As I Am Curling Jelly


  • taflogtaflog Registered Users Posts: 130
    i have used the line but only when i was transitioning and would straighten my hair. i did like it then because it took very little heat to straighten my hair when i used the product. you got me wondering about their curly products :wink: . i feel the need to experiment. :cheers:



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