to trim, or not to trim?

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i'm growing out my hair. and i've been noticing lately, i kinda have a mini mullet kinda thing going on. my back layer is longer, and it hangs out below the rest of my hair.
with the length it's at, it bothers me!
i took a picture of it from the side this morning. it's still wet in the picture, but really bugs me.
i'm curious to know if i should go just get the very bottom layer trimmed a tiny bit, just to get it more of a normal shape, instead of this really weird huge slant....
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    If you can hold out, I would try not to cut it, but if you are like me it will annoy you until you trim it. :-) Maybe get it trimmed a little bit in the back.
    It always seems like my back layers grow faster too.
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    I do't really see it.. are you growing your hair out? If you are then I'd probably just let it grow... you can do a ponytail now, right? They can be your lifesaver hehe. If you aren't growing it out and it's making you unhappy then definitely get it shaped how you want it.
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  • itsjustmeghanitsjustmeghan Posts: 652Registered Users
    i decided not to trim
    i looked again when it was dry, and i must have some amazing shrinkage in that lower layer, becuase it popped up in line with all the upper layers and looks like i have a normal shape. i guess i just need to stop looking at my hair when it's wet!
    it's getting longer, and i think the last thing i should do it cut my length off if it's working for me!
    i guess now i understand why cutting your hair when dry and curly is such a big thing! because if you have a crazy layer like mine that curls 3 times more then the other layers, then you could end up with a bad hair cut!
    i'll take a picture of the side today after it's dried (if i remember :roll:) and i'll post it so you guys can see how much that longest layer curls up...

    thanks for the advice though! :wink:
    3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....