How do you dry your hair?

hollyphollyp Registered Users Posts: 50
I lately I have been playing around how I dry my hair. Somedays I completely airdry, others I plop then airdry and still others diffuse. I haven't really had consistent results with any of them so I keep trying.

What's your routine for drying your hair?? Why do you do what you do?
Does it increase defintion , decrease frizz? Gimme the scoop :D !
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  • cunninghamaircunninghamair Registered Users Posts: 178 Curl Connoisseur
    I scrunch with a microfiber towel. Let air dry most days after that. A couple days a week, I diffuse after it's halfway dry. But I've been chasing my tail trying to figure out my hair lately, so what do I know. Apparently my hair likes constant change. Any kind of a set routine that seems to be working always go awry :?
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  • FidoGwenFidoGwen Registered Users Posts: 92
    That's the way my face is! If I form any kind of routine, my skin rebels and breaks out like mad!

    I air dry my hair. I did that even before CG . . . . . old habits die hard.
    I'm a 2something/3something. Started modified CG routine on 6/6/05
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    But we're STILL adjusting. ;-)
  • prettypollyprettypolly Registered Users Posts: 49 Curl Neophyte
    If I'm trying to go curly then I'll just air dry down. Sometimes I will use a diffuser but it's a pain in the butt and the results aren't that great anyway!

    Most days though I just wrap it in an Aquis to get out the moisture, then braid or bun!
    2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!
  • ravenloxravenlox Registered Users Posts: 8
    Since embracing my inner curl ( lol ) I have been air drying. I know now that the simplest routines give me the best outcome ( curl, definition, frizz free). So I'm embarking on the CO route.

    condish with pears clarifying (ginseng)
    condish with pears moisturizing (lavender and panthenol B5)
    rake CK through with fingers
    blot with microfibre towel
    air dry.
    when dry I scrunch it up a little to get the volume happening. :D

    occasionally I will plop before air drying, but to be honest, its makes my hair so curly and looks really short. I dont have enough length for plopping yet. soon but. 8)
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  • mayimmayim Registered Users Posts: 2,301
    It really depends on time and patience.

    If I have the above, I will just blot dry, apply products, put in clips at the roots and let it air dry.

    Often that is not possible (my hair is incredibly thick and takes hours and hours to dry on its own) so I diffuse on medium air with low heat.

    I think I get better definition from air drying, but sometimes I get more curl formation from diffusing. It depends on the product, too. Gel turns out bettter air dried, but creams can take diffusing, and sometimes even seems to like it more.

    coarse, thick 3a
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    I "veil" a towel over my head for a couple of minutes. Then I gel and plop for about 20 minutes. After that; it's air dry. If I'm really running out of time, I might diffuse, but that's pretty rare.

  • petitfoxpetitfox Registered Users Posts: 128
    I mostly air dry, but the drying time is seriously diminished if I plop for 10-20 minutes before.
    I diffuse in the winter, it gives some additional bounce to my hair (and keeps my head dry outside)
    In summer, I just air dry, I don't really care about walking around with wet hair :D ... nobody seems to care about it either.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    I don't mind wet hair too much, but I don't like walking around with crunchy hair. But I have to wait until it's dry before I can deal with the crunch. :roll:
  • Groovy VeganGroovy Vegan Registered Users Posts: 6
    I didn't realize that so many people were also air drying their hair. There's a lot of discussion above about diffuser techniques, but it looks like even more people air dry.
    Very thick 3A
  • DolphinCurlsDolphinCurls Registered Users Posts: 370
    I usually diffuse dry. I definitely find that diffuse drying and going natural has helped my hair a lot. It doesn't get as frizzy as it did when I used to straighten it. Occasionally I'll let it dry naturally, but my mom really doesn't like that so I usually do that when I know she won't be home all day.
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  • solelunasoleluna Registered Users Posts: 21
    I do all three. :D
  • linda_mlinda_m Registered Users Posts: 211
    I scrunch with a microfiber towel, gel and diffuse a couple of minutes upside down, then stand up and put a few clips in for height and diffuse another 6-7 minutes without touching my hair. That gets me about 80% dry. I take the clips out and let it air dry from that point. When it's completely dry, I scrunch out any crunch.
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  • MsBeeHavinMsBeeHavin Registered Users Posts: 29
    I plop for about 30 min then air dry - seems to be working fine in the Fall - will probably change in the Winter....
    shoulder-blade wavie searching for curls
  • lazykerrilazykerri Registered Users Posts: 650
    I said all of the above, but I usually air dry. I wash my hair the night before. For special occasions, when I want my hair to curl more and have some volume, I will diffuse dry partially. I plop only with a shower cap. Often I'll scrunch with paper towels to get out the excess water, after applying product. HTH :)
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