A Milestone

melledelvanimelledelvani Posts: 49Registered Users
I've reached 6 months of transitioning. It's been 2 1/2 months since my BC. I've noticed some growth. It seemed to have grown more length wise than widthwise. Has that been the same in your case after you done the BC? I would like more length on the sides, but we'll see what happens in the months to come.


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    Congrats! I'm guessing that your hair is growing down instead of out. I think that has more to do with your curl type and texture. Everyone's grow-out experience differs. HTH
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  • melledelvanimelledelvani Posts: 49Registered Users
    My hair is 3B/3C and it's thick.
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    I think your hair is doing the same things my hair is. it grew A LOT on the top and near the crown, but only a little bit at my hairline and on the sides of my head. I'm scared that pretty soon it's going to be a mullet, but like you, I'm just waiting to see what happens. ---> :afro:
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