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theoriginalmgirltheoriginalmgirl Registered Users Posts: 58
I want to try some products but I'm not sure which ones seem to really work with type 4a/b hair. I've found that most products sit on my hair and/or dry it out. Fantasia IC products haven't worked for me or Miss Jessie's. Any product suggestions?


  • Hairblogger â„¢Hairblogger â„¢ Registered Users Posts: 564
    You could try the following:

    Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
    Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner

    Honey + Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner
    Honey + Olive Oil

    Aubrey organics rosa mosqueta Shampoo
    Aubrey Organics Tea Tree Clarifying Shampoo
    Baking Soda scrub
    ACV Rinse (Apple Cider Vinegar)

    1. karen's body beautiful hair milk

    2. Sheamoisture

    3. Oyin handmade coconut Hair Milk

    4. Rasta Jamaican Mango & Lime Cactus Leave-In Moisturizer (works great for xdry coils and curls)

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    i am such a product junkie...of the multitudes of things I've tried; For leave in's I've used a whole container (which says alot!) of AG:Fast food and Kinky Curly's [buylink=]Knot Today[/buylink]. For twists and braid outs Twist and Locs Sheabutter honey wax has been a mainstay. I'm also experimenting with Pantene's molding wax; its orange...smells good. We'll see :)
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