Need a good gel what would you recommend?

A-Slave-2-The-WaveA-Slave-2-The-Wave Registered Users Posts: 47
I'm currently wearing my hair poker straight *cover your eyes my curly friends!!*... mainly because I have no good product.

I want my hair to be light without frizz, I need to diffuse in the morning as I am very vain and will not leave the house with my hair wet. The only way I can naturally dry my hair is if I wake up about 5am and that just aint' gonna happen!

Here's a picture, I have no clue what curl size my hair is but hopefully you can recommend some great products - I am willing to spend money :wink:



  • CurlyinColoradoCurlyinColorado Registered Users Posts: 3,093
    Your hair looks cute! My fav right now is Sebastion Hi-Contrast gel. Amazing hold, definition and it's CG.
  • bbbeccabbbecca Banned Banned Users Posts: 232
    It looks nice, keep using whatever product you were using in that picture.

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