How to cut wavy hair

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I'm 30 years old and I've finally realized my curl potential. My hair is very thick and coarse and I've straightened it forever. I've just recently started wearing it wavy. I have always had issues with finding someone who knows how to cut my hair. Everyone I've gone to always wants to thin it out with a thinning shears and I've heard you shouldn't do that to curly hair, is that true? How do I find someone who understands curly/wavy hair? Should I be thinning my hair out at all or does that disrupt the curl pattern? It is just past shoulder length and I am trying to grow it longer.




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    Have you looked at the CurlSalons section above to see if there are any recommended stylists near you? You can also check out the devachan website ( and see if there are any deva-trained stylists near you. Finally you can give your general location (ie: Southeast PA) and ask people on these boards if they recommend anyone in that region. HTH!
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    Hmm. Well I just told my hair dresser that I did not want any thinning. She is really good about listening to what I want. I think that is key. If you don't have anyone near you like Poodles said, then you should just look for a great listener! Good luck!
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    You're hair sound like mine. I'm really not sure if thinning shears are a good idea or not. I've asked on these boards and got mixed responses. I tend to think that using those shears on my hair MAY cause more flyaways and I don't really see it as necessary when I'm no longer blowdrying my hair. Any decent hairstylist should abide by your wishes not to use the shears - if you tell them.

    I also wonder if "deva" cuts are really necessary or helpful for wavies. I suppose going to a deva trained stylist can't hurt and it ensures you're seeing someone who has worked with curly hair. I too am searching for the perfect stylist.

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