Do you use a Clarifying Shampoo?

And why or why not?

(Also, any rec's for a drugstore Clarifying Poo?)
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  • SherryLSherryL Posts: 82Registered Users
    I use a clarifying shampoo that also has chelating capabilities. We live in a very hard water area AND we have a swimming pool. It's a double whammy for mineral build-up. I tend to clarify once every two weeks.
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  • sirenrisingsirenrising Posts: 92Registered Users
    Okay so here's a question, what is the different between chelating and clarifying? :?
    currently loving the deva line
  • csbcsb Posts: 225Registered Users
    Clarifying shampoos may get the igredient gunk off of your hair, but chelating shampoos also get the hard water and chlorine buildup out. I just bumped an old thread of Laurabeth's about chelating shampoos.
  • cunninghamaircunninghamair Posts: 176Registered Users
    Wavies get to shampoo once a week (I have been using homemade shampoo using castille), and I use ACV once a week for hard water. (so I answered yes)
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