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I have to wet down every morning. I've been using a light condish to detangle (I don't have long hair) but I don't think I can use condish everyday. It starts to weigh down my hair. After water rinsing, I use a large pick comb to get tangles out etc and all I have to do is scrunch with my hands to get curl formation back.
So, without condish - I find that it tangles and I'm pulling curl OUT.
What am I to do?? When I get my hair trimmed, my stylist never uses a comb and has told me to not use one. She somehow just uses her fingers to arrange my hair without combing. I've never had any luck with this.
BUT.... she washes my hair with my head in the sink so hair is downward, I rinse upside down in the sink at home - I get better volume that way.

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    When I water wash I detangle while my hair is under the water. I use the force of the water to help. I have really long hair too. It takes a bit longer to do than using a condish. Then, when it's sufficiently detangled, I squeeze excess water out by pressing/squeezing the hair onto my scalp, which helps reform the clumps. Then I use my leave in or whatever styler I need for the day.
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    I have this problem too. I want to try to water rinse more often since conditioning everyday seems to make my hair lose definition and get poofy but my hair is VERY prone to tangles and it's an ordeal trying to detangle without water without pulling out my hair. Somtimes I'll use just the tiniest amount of condish, just enough to help dentangle.
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