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Hi, I'm new to CG (well I tried it before but flunked out after my mum told me my hair was looking duller and flatter than usual!). My goal is to grow my hair so it's the same length as now but with a good cut instead of straggly, and if possible persuade it to curl a bit more without diffusing (which bothers my highly sensitive scalp).

I'm having trouble finding products that work well with my hair. It's wavy with some spirals and long, but really thin (though not super-fine it is really soft and can go flat/ weighed down).

I'm kind of sulking that it qualifies as wavy and not curly as I've always been really proud of my "naturally curly" hair! The condition isn't bad, it has been quite neglected since I had my little boy 2 years ago but at least that means no blow drying.

I've been reading the forums non-stop for about 2 days but I'm really confused about all the different options. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on what to try first. I'm scared to give up my beloved Fructis shampoo and conditioner! I found a gel to try (Boots basics) last time but I was allergic to the fragrance in it and I haven't been able to find anything else alcohol and cone free. I know the first thing on my list is a good cut with some long layers (just a few) which always makes it look a lot better. I've only had it cut once in the last 2 and a half years so it's pretty straggly.

I also wanted to ask about what to do at night. I need to keep it out of the way of my co-sleeping 2 yr old so have ben braiding it, but does that pull the curl out?

Here it is at it's worst (had been out in the wind!), just airdried with no product to show it in its natural state:



Gosh I'm so embarrassed to post those pics, it looks so awful compared to all the gorgeous, shiny, thicker hair pics I've seen here!


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    You have lovely, long curly hair. Don't sulk, I see spirals..:) I wish my hair would curl like yours without product!!!

    The Fructis stuff, if it's loaded with SLS in the poo and silicones in the conditioner, I might try shampooing less, maybe every other day or every two days but continue to condition daily. This is how I started my hair trek. I use to poo daily, then every two days, now I poo with a gentle cleanser, EMBS, once a week. I slowly started to move away from silicones in my conditioners, and found that I could get away with pooing less - which is good for my hair because it's fine and gets weighed down easily.

    These days, I try very hard to use cone free conditioners and styling products and like the results. I would suggest clear colored gels minus polyquats and silcones (see CurlColumns / CurlChemist for articles that will tell you what to look for). Try plopping, you can do a search for how to.

    For night time, I purchased a satin pillow case, two for USD $10 and will pile my hair on top of my head in a pineapple so my curls don't get crushed. It's rare that I get 2nd day hair but I am trying.

    There is product in the UK called pink boots, which I use on my ends to lock in my curl enhancing products, but it does have a strong smell, thankfully I like it. Check the swap boards for UK curlies and see what folks are looking for and swapping.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope a little of what I wrote above helps. Curly hair is a journey, a fun one.

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