I don't own a diffuser..should I?

Well I always hear talk about diffusers and how they're part of every curlys routine. Well I don't know what a diffuser is and I get along just fine without it. Frankly I don't think I need one, I can get luscious bouncy shiny curls without a diffuser.

I'm a 3a/3b. Do you think I need one? If I do, when do I use it?

I'm still kinda confused if I should be using better products. :pale:
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I'm a 3a/3b
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    In my opinion, the only reason you might 'need' a diffuser is if you don't have time to dry your hair any other way in the morning, and don't like going out with wet hair. That's the 'need' factor for me.

    Sure, some people report curlier hair etc., but for me it's always been about speed. In fact, I actually prefer my naturally-dried hair to the diffused version!

    If you don't think you need one, then, at least in my book, you don't! ;o)
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    Frankly I don't think I need one, I can get luscious bouncy shiny curls without a diffuser.

    If you get great hair without one, why bother getting one, unless you need it for those times when you need dry hair in a hurry? I use one because when I air dry, my hair just lays too flat to my head and I don't get enough volume, plus my curl pattern is weak so it helps boost the curl. I wish I could get by without one!
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    I don't use one because my hair is pretty thick and also short. When I diffuse I get TOO much volume and I walk around self-conscious about how big my hair is all day.
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