Anyone successfully transition from short to long?

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That's what I'm trying to do right now and it's a royal pain.. people keep telling me that my hair looks "SO RETRO", "SO 20's/30's/40's" - which is fine if not extremely irritating - but I just want my hair to get long!

Did anyone else go through this? I was just wondering how long it takes for short-ish hair to grow out like.. below shoulder length. I'll post a picture but my camera's shot, so it's a low-quality Photobooth one.


Haha, I know the picture is silly - I had to hold a piece of paper behind my head because the room was too dark to see my hair!


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    I'd say a good year, specifics depend on how fast your hair grows, and that you take care of it. It looks lovely, and so do you!
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    My hair was about as long as yours when I first cut it. I'm now 6 months post and to me my hair isn't that much longer, but I know it is because I can put it into a ponytail and not need a bunch of bobby pins and barrettes to keep it in place.

    I think the hardest part about growing out curly hair is that it doesn't grow straight down; the curlier it is the longer it will take for new growth to be noticeable. Hang in there!
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    You probably hear this 100 times a day, but you're hair is very pretty like that. I know the frustration of wanting it long and wanting it now.
    I'm got the retro bob thing going on right now...I'm trying to learn to enjoy each stage of growout. Cute barrettes and handbands help a lot.

  • savetherobotssavetherobots Posts: 4Registered Users
    Thanks everyone.. I didn't inherit my mother's poker straight Japanese hair but I do have the benefit of having hair that grows pretty fast - I only noticed this when I flat ironed it every day, though. Unfortunately the damage that I accumulated from doing that AND having a really bad thermal reconditioning done last October is why I had to chop it all off. I'm just hoping it won't take too long. I am learning to appreciate my real hair, but it seriously is a journey. Not to sound like a total cornball but this site has really helped.. sometimes you forget that you're not the only one, right? Haha.
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    Thanks everyone.. I didn't inherit my mother's poker straight Japanese hair

    I know you're probably tired of hearing this but yeah I love your hair. Your hair is not straight but you can always blow dry it. The only way a person with straight hair can get curly hair is if she chemically alters it.

    From what I've heard from long haired curlies, it takes about 2 years of growth for hair to be really long.

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    Yeah, it's going to take at least a year(depending on how fast your hair grows)to get it to shoulder-length, and depending on how your curls are behaving, you may be growing it longer for it to reach its most beautiful curly potential! As others will tell you, be prepared for those days where all you want to do is go have it cut, esp. after seeing beautifully cut short and medium-length curly hair in hair mags. Stay AWAY from those - I swear, they are designed to make one RUN to the nearest good haircutter - LOL! also be prepared for that awkward length where it hangs in your face, but is too short to pull back into even a low loose ponytail or something. Lots of gel will be your friend too!
    Actually, last January, my hair was almost as short as yours due to a haircut that was very good, but about a couple of inches shorter than I really wanted cut off. So, I've only been trimming my bangs since then, and this is the longest I've gone without a haircut in many years. There are some days where I am sorely tempted to get it cleaned up, esp. on those funky days when it just isn't behaving, but then I look at the pictures of myself a few months ago with shorter hair and I keep on going. It's going to be at LEAST a few more months before I get a professional trim.
    anyhow, good luck!
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    Hair grows at an average of 1/2" per month; sometimes more sometimes less, so figure 6" in a year.
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    It's been about 8 months since my big chop and I've been growing my hair out this is how short my hair was, of course you cant see it clearly but you can tell that it is short LOL.


    But now it covers my ears half way (there's a current pic in my sig.) and im excited about that LOL.
    I know we dont have the same type of textures but it will take time to see some serious change especially since its curly.
    And your gonna end up loving your hair even more and appreciating it much more because you basically watched it grow :)

    Good luck!
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    Your hair looks AMAZING and you are so very pretty. That said, I know what it's like to want to have long hair and, yes, you can grow long hair from short hair. My hair was shorter than yours (about 1 in. long) and I grew it to waist length. It did take time, but not as long as I thought it would in hindsight.

    One thing that helps is not focusing so much on whether or not it is getting longer, but rather trying fun new ways to style your hair as it grows either by using styling products or fun accessories. For example, for the first year, I lived in hats because my hair was so icky. When it was finally long enough, I expiramented with pony tails on the top of my head, to the side, etc. For me, wearing my hair up a lot also helped. I wore it up for many months and when I started wearing it down again, it seemed longer than I remembered.
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