How to wear wavy/curly hair in a pony tail and look good?

Ok this might sound really dumb, but bare with me as I've never really worn my hair wavy like this before. My issue is that if I try to do the whole CG thing then put it in a pony tail, it's going to end up pulling out the waves and make it frizz. Also, the "Front" part of the ponytail ends up with little frizzy hairs that normally I just shellac down with hairspray. What do you do to make it look good in a ponytail? I feel like the whole rountine would be different, would it? For example drying your hair?


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    Hmm, how long have you been doing CG? I'm about a 3A, and my hair would always look disgusting in a ponytail before I tried CG, but after I did it and got a hair cut that works with my curl, my ponytails started to look really good! My problem had been that my hair would poof out at the bottom and look like a fro-tail, but now it has more volume at the top and gets smaller as it goes down.
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    Sounds like it's a matter of having your hair cut in the right shape.
    Moopy, just wondering how your hair is cut because right now that's the prob I have when I do a ponytail. It puffs out at the bottom and looks like a triangle or something.
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    My problem had been that my hair would poof out at the bottom and look like a fro-tail
    I have that exact same problem! Do you have any pics of how your hair is cut?