Ladies help, hiar texturizer woes

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Ok i have 16 inches of natural hair. I love it and all, but I prefer wearing it out as oppose to in protective styles like twists. An I simply don't have the time or energy anymore to plait, twist etc.

So i want to get my hair texturized. Now i know some peole do it and love it. Others have had really bad experiences. So it seems to me, the end result depends on the stylist.

So can anyone recommend a salon stylist who can do a good texturiser, not the hit and miss attempts, and which brand is used .

my hair is 16 inches, type 4, very thick as a whole. But made up of fine silky, soft straightish kinks, and ubber shrinkage


  • Simply_meSimply_me Registered Users Posts: 4
    Bump. Does anyone here have a texturizer, or is it a no go question????
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    Simply_me, try posting in the Relaxing/Straightening forum. You might get more responses there.
    spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.

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  • Simply_meSimply_me Registered Users Posts: 4
    I will thanks x
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    The key to natural hair is patience. Texturizing may seem like a short cut but it's a dead end IMO, in more ways than one. I texturized for some years and never had the beautiful texture I have today with natural hair Since going mod-CG in June 2006, I have healthier hair with a texture that is more defined, and better than what texlaxing gave me. The proof is in my Fotki (www).

    All I can say is, with the right routine, products and cut, you can wear type 4 hair down and out. The only difference is, my hair shrinks, but there are ways to control that. But it takes patience and education.

    I wish you had some photos because I would love to see the condition of your 16" of growth. I hope you'll give your God-given texture a chance, but if you texlax, good luck and I hope it works.

    Here's a thread that surfaced today on texturizing.
    My blog -
    My FOTKI -

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