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Does anyone know of a site that will walk me through how to wrap my hair using a piece of fabric. I'm talking about how women tie their hair with a nice, tight, knot in the back. It looks fairly simple, but I haven't mastered it. I was told that there might be some tricks of the trade out there. For example, how much fabric, etc.? I remember seeing a website on this a couple of years ago. If you know of something, please let me know...thanks...
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    hey there!

    The Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book has a brief (text format) description of this.

    I think she mentions a few ways in the protective styling section, but for the kind you want she suggests two ways;

    1. The easiest one is the triangle tie, leaving the scarf open in back and tied at the nape which is also cute if your hair is mdium length or longer.

    2. Another way is to put your hair into a ponytail using a hairfriendly scrunchie or whatever and then make a little knot and then tie the scarf and fashion the knot around the knot of the ponytail which will give the scarf knot more support and help with the way the knot looks.... if you have hair lumps under your scarf you can cover your hair with a satin spandex cap first to make it look smooth before you tie your scarf.

    2a. If your hair is shorter, there is a more complicated way to do it; smooth and cover hair with spandex cap (the spandex cap will minimize any hair lumps and make the scarf appear to be smooth and not lumpy, then use an oblong light scarf and tie that into a tiny knot (I guess it's kind of a substitute for a ponytail knot) then tie your scarf over your head the same way and no one will be the wiser as to how you achieved the effect. She explains it better in the book, even providing details as to what length of scarf will work best, etc...

    I have mediumish hair (2-4in below the shoulder when straight) and I also use this method. First I section my hair into two strand twists (for some reason it works out better this way than when I just brush it into a regular ponytail--but, I may not have done it right before...) and then make a ponytail and make it into a little knot at the base and then cover with spandex cap (to minimize hair lumps) and then cover and tie my scarf.

    now it will take practice to achieve the kind of fancy knot you may want, and you may need to experiment with different scarf lengths to get the exact hand from the scarf ends that you want to give the desired effect. Kind of more fashiony-Jackie-o-ish I guess you could say for the workplace, so it works out well with a nice pant suit in winter... (She also suggests human hair wigs as opposed to extensions since they're not actually pulling on your hair and you can still give your hair a rest or have a nice option if you have extensive hairloss or illness, etc).

    If you want to check it out, here's the Amazon Link:


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    Wow, this is great!!! thanks...
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    Constantly seeking the perfect product combinations. I just want healthy and manageable hair!!!

    Natural hair photo journey, starting October 2006: http://public.fotki.com/masscurly/
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    Africans are so good with different headwrappings. I wish there was something on youtube to show you how.
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    I love wrapping my head. Here are some sites I've used. I haven't visited them in a while so I hope the url's are correct. I couldn't link them right so you'll have to cut and past the web address.

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    Stephanie, is a member of naturallycurly, I can't remember which thread she is on. Click on Her
    "About Me" link on her fotki page and she has information how to contact her for head wraps.
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    I found this girl's photo album one day. It's very detailed. I've yet to try it though. I'm so lazy.
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