cone free gel thats available at drugstore or bss

The title pretty much says it all.

I'm a new curly. I did a big chop on August 1rst and have been rockin my new curly do ever since. I have been using Sauve for cowashes, Elucence for conditioning and [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] as my daily gel/curl definer.

I recently tried IC Fantasia and loved how defined it left my curls but I have only been using it for going out since I try to stay away from cones. So any recommendations for a cone free gel (CG friendly) that is readily available at the bss or drugstore would be greatly appreciated.



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    Try Naturelle Aura Hypo-Allergenic Styling Gel. You can find it at Sally's. It's a great curl definer, but its crunchy. You'll have to use it in combination with oil or a moisturizer and find the right amount needed for your hair. It contains no protein or silicone and does not cause flakes either.
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    most gels are cone free. FYI the cone in ic fantasia is water soluable (not a problem on the CG routine).

    But I do second the above rec for Aura/Naturelle hypo gel from sally's.

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    I'm more of a soft/light hold kind of girl. I like my curlies to rock :headbang: freely. If your willing to travel beyond the drug store/beauty supply, my current faves are:

    MOP foam forming gel(light hold)-Ulta
    JM Sweet Orange & Silk Protein-Whole Foods
    Qhemet Honeybush Hair Tea Soft Hold Gel-Order on-line

    I have tried the Aubrey Organics Mandarin Majic and initially liked it but have since decided that it gives me more hold than I need with some added crunch. Maybe less is more w/ this particular gel. Anyway, if this is something your looking for in a hair gel it can be purchased at the Vitamin Shoppe.
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    Smooth n Shine Curl Activator gel
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