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hi, i'm new and had (yes, had) very curly and very long hair (length between my bra strap and rearend). I wanted to reduce frizz and keep my curls. I saw a news story on a product called frizzcure so i called up a local salon and asked them if they do it. they said yes. i was excited and had the treatment done and it totally ruined my hair. whether it was the product (according tothe salon) or technical error (according to frizzcure) i am the one left with ifeless, damaged, raggy, and straight frizzy hair. i hate the results which is obviouly not the way it was to be. now i don't know what to do with my hair. i was growing it out for the past 3 1/2 years to donate it to cancer patients org for wigs. now i know i'll have to cut alot of it off because of the damage, but what else can i do. does anyione have any advice for me? i miss my curls. this product was not supposed to be a straightner, just a defrizzer. i am devastated. any advice is appreciated. thank-you.


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    I am so sorry this happen to you. I can suggest lots of Deep Treatments, and being extra gentle to your hair.
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    I am so sorry for your bad experience! I'm not sure what your current routine is but I would avoid shampooing and get a good conditioner. (I like Deva OneC but there are many other choices that others like) Also using a leave in conditioner and maybe try CK.

    Also as the previous poster said a good DT. I think there was a thread about the best DT, maybe try one of those.
    3A; I have HG products!
    Curl enhancer: Mop-C curl cream
    DT: Deva Heaven in Hair; JC WDT
    Gel: B&A; Arc Angel
    Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
    Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
    PW: curlynow

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