No, It's Not A Perm Tshirts

ZonaSharonaZonaSharona Posts: 21Registered Users
Make sure you check out my Tshirt line for us curlies.
Yes, I'm the "over 40" woman in the ad.
I grew up in the "must have straight hair 60's and 70's", so it's so liberating to show the world that I'm curly and proud.
Here is the link to my marketplace page....
Very thick, 3B, tons of body. Set, iron, air dry. Strate w/a Chi Iron after rollers or blowdry. Haven't chem relaxed since May 2004. Relaxer for 20 yrs. PaulMitchell Mousse, Pureology, Ouidad, Aubrey , Henna, Surya Creme Henna, auburn highlights.


  • g-stringrannyg-stringranny Posts: 2,701Registered Users
    Another AZ curly here. :cheers: (and over 40) We must get together. My daughter lives in Scottsdale so I am there a lot. I love the t-shirt & will be ordering one for myself.
    AKA lotsawaves
    AKA new2curls
  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Posts: 24,963Banned Users Curl Neophyte
    wow! how fabu are you? very nice... :happy2:

    Ever since the sports thread wars I have sensed a special connection between [edit] & Wile. Like the connection oil has to water. I almost can't speak of it. eyes are misting. ~asq
    Let’s just stay together and tell the world to kiss our ass. ~P

  • curlymarycurlymary Posts: 1Registered Users
    Great Shirt! I want one!

  • munchkinmunchkin Posts: 2,909Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    You definitely still look great! Love your hair! and love the shirt!

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