Hai Convertable Ceramic v. Sedu

rudd_girlrudd_girl Posts: 9Registered Users
Is one better than the other? I have thick curly hair like curlylew66 on here. I wanted to know which one is lighter, takes less time, and keeps hair the straightest in humid weather. For the price I think I want Hai, but if Sedu cuts time etc. better than that than I guess I'll go with Sedu.


  • foxycus02foxycus02 Posts: 918Registered Users
    I've never tried the Hai. But I can tell you that the Sedu is very drying and damaging. It literally burns your hair off.

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  • love yourself firstlove yourself first Posts: 5,398Registered Users
    I've never used any Sedu flatiron. The HAI Digistick is brilliant, though, and I recommend it.
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