Dry baby scalp

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Does anyone have recommendations on what to use on a 4-month old baby with extremely dry scalp and skin? He is constantly scratching his poor head.
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    try a natural oil like jojoba oil or olive oil.
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    olive oil is not working.
    I am a 3c/4a with medium/fine strands
    No strict haircare regimen - trying my hand at the Curly Girl Method.

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    You should try calling your Doctor and see what they recommend. At that young age you want to be careful what you use. Make sure you are washing his/her hair with a non sulfate shampoo you don't want to further dry their scalp.
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    My son had the same issue, "cradle cap", though he was a winter baby. My pediatrician said that this was not uncommon to happen and it would eventually dissipate. When I asked a friend, she told me that she had used Paul Mitchell's Baby Don't Cry Shampoo, so I bought a bottle. It did work well, over a period of a couple of weeks, I believe. I also think that the mild fingerpad stimulation (circular motions & not using fingernails) helped to rid his scalp of flakes. I only gave him a bath about once to twice a week to keep his skin from drying further as well. HTH.
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    Thank god I found this thread, I was just about to start one on baby dry scalp. My son is now one and he still has dry scalp. The poor thing scratches his scalp too. My mom told me not to put anything on his scalp she said it would clog up his hair follicles. She told me to wash his hair everyday when he was born. I used to use the johnsons shampoo before I knew to look out for harmful ingredients. I reduced the number of shampoos to once a week when he was about eight months. I don't know if I should just leave his scalp alone and see what happens or what. He has 3B/c curls.
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    My daughter is a year old, but she had cradle cap too. At our baby care class, the instructor told us that cradle cap is actually caused by oily skin, not dry so they don't recommend olive oil.

    I used Nature's Baby Organics shampoo on DD and would gently comb her scalp to lift off the scales. It cleared up within a few days. She will occasionally get yellow scales, so I just do the combing thing again. HTH.
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    The best thing for cradle cap (to loosen the dead skin) is one of those brushes that surgeons use while scrubbing for surgery. They are mega soft. It is what I used when my kids were babies. If you google surgical scrub brush you can see what one looks like. If you have connections at a hospital or doctor's office you can get your hands on one. I am not sure about buying them online.

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    i oiled my baby's scalp with evoo, combed it through with one of those baby combs to get the dead skin, washed it and brushed it again. i kept it oiled and kept combing it and it cleared up in less than a week.

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