Who's used both formulas of HE conditioners?

I'm looking to find out how the Herbal Essence conditioners with & without cyclopentasiloxane, compare.

Specifically, who has used both Hello Hydration & Breaks Over versions?

I'm using the ones with the silicone now & they moisturize & disentangle well (almost too well due to the slipperiness), are thick & do their job clumping.

I'm hoping the ones without the silicone will be the same.


  • TwistedChickTwistedChick Posts: 58Registered Users
    I've only used the HH without the nasty -xane in it (the new version), but I LOVE it! Awesome slip, awesome detangling, and good moisturizing for me. I'm very happy with it and am about ready to buy the big bottle as I've used up the regular-sized one. :cheers:

    2c (Fia) with some 3a in the middle layer
  • RumpledRumpled Posts: 30Registered Users
    I've used both formulas and the one's without the cone always leave my hair really poofy and fluffy. Dont get me wrong it feels awesome in the shower, very smooth with only a little bit needed
    the one with the cone clumps better, but is very drying after repeated use.
    I've used tottaly twisted and hello hydration.
    I guess HE isn't for me
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  • lazy loopslazy loops Posts: 8,792Registered Users
    Huh. I wonder then. I guess I could always give one of the small non-silicone types, probably Hello Hydration, a try. Maybe. :confused3: