CO only ~???

Okay ~ so I tried the conditioner only deal....I feel like my hair is pretty heavy and weighed down. What is the best method to use, if we can't (or aren't) supposed to use 'poo anymore??? :angry3: Just curious to know how anyone else does it....and btw ~ thanks SO much for the tips on 'plopping' ladies!!! I will absolutely be trying those out this weekend!! :blob:


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    Gosh, there are so many ways to co wash. Some don't do it every day, maybe every 2nd or 3rd day or when ever they feel like there hair needs it, some do a water wash w/ a gentle rubbing of the scalp on those days they don't co wash. Others swap around conditioners to find the "right" one for their hair type.

    Curls can be such a mixed blessing. The experimenting is never ending. I low poo once a week (Sat or Sun) and co wash once a week (Wed or Thur), I condition daily. My co wash condish is not the one I condition with regularly. When I do co wash I use Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner and my hair gets a little poofy and the curl isn't as defined as when I just condition. HTH.