Does is it ever get better?

I've been doing the CG routine (mostly) for about a month and a half. My hair looks dull and frizzy, way frizzier than before. And it's less curly, and my scalp looks greasy. I wash it with shampoo about once every two weeks.

I've been toughing it out, hoping it will get better, but I'm about ready to reach for the heavy silicones.

Is it normal to go through an ugly phase and does it get better? Maybe this routine just isn't for me.
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  • MariposieMariposie Registered Users Posts: 17
    My hair is still really dry, too. Maybe I need a more moisturizing conditioner and more oils?
    2c in back, 3a in front; coarse
    modified CG routine

    "Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty doesn't mean it does not exist."
    -Margaret Cho
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    An ugly phase is very normal. First, is the shampoo you use a sulphate shampoo? If so that could be part of your problem. Try using a non sulphate shampoo, one with cocobetaine instead. When you are water or co washing do you really rub you scalp with you fingertips, or do you just put it on and let it sit then rinse out? Sometimes you really need to rub your scalp to get the oils and dirt loosened up. And rinse for a long time until your hair feels slightly squeeky again before you condiditon or apply your leave in. (or are you even using a leave in?, that might help with the dryness as well)
    Also, are you doing deep conditioning treatments pretty frequently? When I started CG i did them every week. Now I only have to do them infrequently, or when I'm bored. :wink: And when I mean DT, I mean really leaving it in overnight. I would not use straight oil, I would mix something like jojoba oil with a good DT and micro it for about 30 sec and apply.
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    try to focus on leaving most of the conditioner on your ends and not near the scalp. after co washing, i rinse my scalp and hair really well and then add some back in to the ends, usually. also, really make sure you're scrubbing your scalp well when you co-wash.

    try a lemon-aid rinse if your hair feels greasy.

    try stretching out your washes with shampoo even more, you could be getting some rebound greasiness from stripping the oils from your scalp.

    do a dt after washing with shampoo. i just put some olive oil in my ends and put it up for an hour or two, then rinse with lemon-aid.


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