Just lovin' this site!

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I just wanted to say that I love this site! I have grown a bit dependant on it, but that's okay. I love reading all the different postings and the advice that people give. Last night I went and bought some new products based on things that I read here. On my way home I HAD to stop at Kinko's to log on to NC in order to see how to use my new products. I couldn't wait until I came in to work to use the computer, I had to know ASAP. I'm just thrilled that I found this site and all you curlies.


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    Thanks, Deena, for your great note. We're glad you've found a home here; we're glad to have you!
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    I agree.. this site has turned me into a real product junkie smile.gif

    I have gone from constantly hiding my hair to actually leaving it out and *shock horror* leaving the house with it out!

    I love reading what other people have to say and the things they are trying - so much so that the site has helped not only the way my hair looks, but also my view of it. I never really liked my hair until I saw to what great lengths people with straight hair go to get hair like mine. *giggle*

    Even though Im far away in NZ i have to say this site is brilliant and so helpful. Thanks to Gretchen and Michelle!!!
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    Thanks for your great note! We're thrilled to be able to help curlies worldwide. Makes the planet seem a bit smaller, eh?

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