Do any of you wavies have a blunt cut (no layers)?

OctoberBaby02OctoberBaby02 Posts: 105Registered Users
I'm a 2/b-2/C and I've had layers for many years now. I'm trying to grow my hair out to bra strap length, but the layers make my hair look really unkempt. There's a 3-4 inch difference between the ends and the shortest layers, and my longest hairs are an inch past my collar bone. I am debating on whether I should just get it cut to all one length and grow from there, or let the layers grow out longer before I cut. Half of my hair is virgin and the ends are colored/bleached. Cutting it will help the growing out process, but I am afraid a blunt cut might not work with my hair type. Do any of you not have layering? Do you find that your hair cooperates/looks better with or without them? Thanks :icon_smile:
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    I'm a 2a with a blunt cut. It is about to my waist now. It works for me!
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    I have a blunt cut for the same reason you are thinking of cutting yours- layers made my hair messy and uneven looking. The ends were scraggly so I cut it to one length- now it looks thick and sits better.
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    Its kind of difficult for the stylist to do a blunt cut on previously layered hair, because they have to cut uneven sections most of the time. Its really easy for them to add layers to blunt cuts understandably.

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    I have the very same issue and have been considering going one length as well. It seems the longer it gets with layers, the more scraggly-looking it gets. My stylist told me I NEED layers, but I think I might challenge her. I'd love to hear how your decision turns out!
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    I'm bumping this thread because I'd love to hear how other 2c's have their hair cut.

    I have a blunt cut across the back and graduated layers/angles (whatever it's called) in the front from my nose down. Whenever I've had long layers all over, it's been a disaster and I've always regretted it. My hair just poofs and frizzes more with layers. I avoid the triangle look by keeping the length below my shoulders.

    Do other 2c's (or 2c/3a's) have blunt cuts?

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