Survey for Straightening!!!

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I am interested in getting my hair straightened (I probably am going to use the thermal reconditioning treatment), and I wanted to get a survey of those who have used this technique (or others, if you'd like to share) and have you answer some questions about it. So I'd appreciate anyone who would be willing to answer some questions and tell about their personal experience! Thanks!!

1. What technique did you use?
2. How long did it take?
3. How much did it cost?
4. How long did you wait until you got touch-ups?
5. Is your hair stick straight? (or how straight would you say it is)
6. Is there much upkeep with how you have to take care of your hair now?
7. Did it damage your hair at all?
8. Overall, are you pleased with the process and would you recommend it to others?
(9. if anyone is in the Philadelphia area... what salon did you use??)

So I know thats a lot of questions, but answer as many as you like and just give your overall feelings about it. I would appreciate it soooo much! thanks a lot!!! :)


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    Thermal reconditioning is a very big step. The best thing to do is to find the most experienced stylist you can - someone who has done it for a very long time (Yuko, the first one, came out in 1996, so it's been on the market for 11 years - get someone with close to this much experience).

    The cost depends on length of your hair, thickness and the experience of the technician. It can take as little as 4 hours and as long as 8 hours, also inbetween. Spending north of $500 is not uncommon; I think $750 is the max alhough I've read of salons charging more, or much less.

    The hair will look a lot more healthy and shiny after it's done. Might be pin straight without any effort like blow drying, but might retain a slight wave with air drying - all depends on how curly your hair is.

    I just had it done, but don't feel comfortable going into any further details. I will say that I love it, and would do it again. The results are spectacular.

    I've also heard that after care is critically important.

    Great idea to start a survey! I hope that others jump in with their views. You should also do a lot of internet research; there is a ton of information available if you run google or yahoo searches.
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    - Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

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    Okay, don't do it. You can badly damage your hair and scalp.
    Don't. Do. It.
    Too curly for you!

    I'm a 3a/3b
    Dark dark dark dark black hair
    Just below shoulders and growing it out!!

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